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Why up-grade to an electric pallet jack?

14 June 2019

Electric pallet jacks make light work of hauling loads with power assisted lifting bringing a multitude of benefits for your business!

Currently body stress injury’s account for 38%* of all workers compensation cases with 67%* of these injury’s attributed to non-powered equipment – which on average costs $110,000+* per workers compensation case! These are confronting statistics and make upgrading from a manual pallet jack to an electric pallet jack the smart choice. Creating a safe, productive and efficient working environment is paramount to any business.

At CLARK we have recently launched the latest in battery electric pallet jacks with our NEW WPL25! It can seamlessly move 1200kg in comparison to manual pallet jacks that have a limited amount of weight a worker can move on their own.

The WPL25 is powered by a lithium ion battery which mean maximum power performance and short charging times (60% charge achieved in just 40 minutes!) making this an excellent choice to increase productivity and save costs in the long run!

Thanks to it’s slim-line design the NEW CLARK WPL25 can manoeuvre in tight spaces increasing productivity by saving on operating times, allowing workers to move greater distances and take fewer breaks – all this while also creating a safer work environment!

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